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             Christmas is known as the birthday of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, at least to those who believe in certain religions. Even though no one knows exactly when Christ was born, it is the day we celebrate. Now it is a day celebrated by families across the world with the exchanging of gifts and being with family. Some go to church and some stay home, and some do not celebrate at all. Some use the holiday to exploit it, some use it as way make money, but still it is a time of celebration.
             Most people's favorite holiday of the year, Christmas, falls in December, the coldest month of the year. For that reason many of the stories and legends come from the things that happen in that month, such as snowflakes, frosty the snowman, Santa Claus living in the North Pole, the colors of Christmas, and songs like " I"m Dreaming of a White Christmas." It is a time for families to get together; for some families, it is the only time they are all together. People exchange gifts with their families, friends, and or their special loved ones. Kids receive the things they wanted all year but never got. Parents spend all their money just to see the expressions of their children when they open up their gifts, or the expression of their spouse when they open their gift. It is a time when even the meanest of people are caring and everyone forgets their worries. For some, it lasts the whole holiday season, for some a day. For most people and their religion, it is more important than gifts. It is a celebration of Christ's birth, resurrection, and his sacrifice. They go to church and celebrate, pray and give thanks to their Lord and Savior. .
             On the down side Christmas is a time for greedy businessmen and women to take advantage of this Holy Day. It makes you think how long ago did the exploiting begin? Could Santa Clause be considered as just a simple story for little kids or was he a way to market little kids, because now he is.

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