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To Kill a Mockingbird

            To Kill a Mockingbird is generally a novel based on extradinary times in the 1930's. The story consists of 3 years with many reforms and changes. The main characters are Atticus, Jem and Scout.
             Atticus a widower raises his children by himself with alot of help from Calpurina, a black housekeeper. Scout and Jem seem to understand the town quite well, except the only person who confuses them is Boo radly.
             Scout is a tombay and generally prefers the comfort of being around other boys. She doesn't understand why everybody expects her to act like a lady. Scout hates school and gains most of her education either from her father or on the street.
             Almost halfway through the story, Scout and Jem realise that their father will be representing a black man, named Tom Robinson. He is accused of raping and beating a white womam. .
             As the court case draws its conclusion Tom is convicted and found guilty of the accused case. Despite this decision, Atticus proves and gives very good evidence that Tom Robinson couldn't have commited the crime. Atticus then tries to explain why the juries decision was incorrect however it is all to no vail.
             During a meeting, Atticus interrupts to report that Tom Robinson has been found dead in an escape attempt from jail. .
             Things start to come to normal in Maycomb and the children realise that Boo Radly is not a curiosity.
             When the two children walk home they hear weird noises, but assume that it is nothing serious. A fight quickly breaks out, but Scout can't see the attacker, during this attack Jem badly breaks his arm.
             Later, the sheriff arrives at the Finch house to announce that Bob Ewell has been found dead near the attack. Scout then quickly realises that the stranger is only Boo Radly. Even though Boo killed Bob Ewell the sheriff refuses to press charges against Boo.
             Now with Boo safely home, the story concludes with Atticus is reading to Scout and waiting for his son to wake up.

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