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How the cheetah got its speed

             Various animals inhabited a grassy plain hundred of years ago. This was long before the arrival of man. One of those animals inhabiting the land was the cheetah. The cheetah was not one of the fastest animals, but it was one of the best hunters. This often frustrated the cheetah. While all of his friends, the lion, the jaguar, and panther, were able to run fast and catch their prey, he was still lagging behind starving. Sometimes his friends would be nice enough to catch some food for him to eat. .
             One day while the cheetah was walking around the grassy plain, he noticed a young antelope. He decided to test his luck and try to catch the antelope. The cheetah used the grass as a camouflage. He slowly snuck around creeping closer and closer to the antelope. When he got close enough, he jumped towards the antelope, but yet again the cheetah was still too slow and the antelope reacted fast enough to escape.
             This was the last straw. When the antelope escaped, it infuriated the cheetah. He knew he has to do something about his speed. The cheetah was willing to do whatever was necessary so he took the next few months to train himself. Everyday he would carry boulders strapped to his legs, but that was not enough. He had the elephant sit on his back while he did push-ups with his legs. There were time when he wanted to quit, but every time that he did, he thought of that one antelope that got away and continued with his training. Months and months of rigorous training finally paid off. .
             The cheetah wanted to show off his newfound skill. He asked his friend, the lion, who was the fastest animal at the time, to race him. All the animals heard about the race and gathered to watch it. Many of the animals believed that the lion was going to win, but were proven wrong. When the race started, the cheetah sped through it with amazing speed. Everyone watched in awe as the cheetah passed the finishing line. At the end of the race, the animals declared the cheetah the fastest animal in the world.

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