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            There are numbered of solar system that exist in our universes, each with different chemical's proportion and environment. There are very strong possibilities that at least one solar system have the right constants in order for life to exist besides our very own.
             All evidences suggested life originated from simple chemical reactions on an appropriate environment. There are millions and millions of planets in our universe that we have not discover yet. There is a high possibility that some of the planets in the universe could in fact support life. In order to explain how lives develop throughout the universe. First, we have to define what is the meaning of life . Second, we have to consider the components that has contributed to the existence of life. .
             Life can be define as an animal's or plant's ability to function and grow1. This can be further broaden to any objects that uses energy from some energy source to drive chemical reactions, are generally capable of reproduction, and can undergo evolution2.
             In order for life to evolve and survive there are several conditions in the environment that are needed to ensure these processes occur. .
             First of all, water is essential for all living organisms to function probably. It provides a medium in which it helps to transport molecules for a chemical reaction to occur. Scientists are now searching for planets that have the liquid water presence to find any clues that life exist. Evidences has shown that Mars and Titan satellites of Jupiter have liquid water hidden underground on its surfaces. Finding water on Mars and Titan indicated that life could exist else where deep in the universe.
             1. The Australian Dictionary, (Oxford 1992).
             2. Charles Darwin The origin of species, (1859).
             Further more, all life forms need access to basic chemicals (biogenic) that forms the basic structures of life. Biogenic element includes such chemicals as Carbon, hydrogen, Oxygen Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Sulfur.

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