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The Lady with The Dog

             "The Lady with the Dog".
             by Anton Chekhov.
             A lady arrives in town with a little white dog. She was always wearing the same beret and always with the white dog, no one knew who she was. Everyone called her simply 'the lady with the dog". The man that has interest in this young woman is named Dmitrich Gurov, who is married, with a daughter twelve years old, and two sons away at school. He is dissatisfied to say the least with his present situation and his marriage to his wife.
             He decides to introduce himself. As the two of them become closer and closer the relationship becomes more serious. They often walked in the park together which made their friendship grow stronger each day. After many acquaintances he learns that this woman grew up in Petersburg, married two years previously, and that her name was Anna Sergeyevna. .
             He begins to make passes at her that she didn't notice at first such as offering to buy her a soft drink or some ice cream. As they grow closer they finally go far beyond the limits of a friendship. Gurov was afraid that someone would see them together.
             Events like these continue on for weeks, up until the day it is time for Anna to go back home to her husband. She is truly not ready to leave the companion that she has met and fell madly in love with. "'It's a good thing I'm leaving', she said to Gurov. She knows it's best for the both of them. They are both married and this type of behaviour can't be tolerated. She was going out of his life forever he thought; all he has left are sweet memories of his young loving companion.
             He can no longer be without her and he decides to go and find the woman that he misses and loves so much. In December during the holidays he prepared to take a trip. He wanted to see Anna Sergeyevna. He finally meets with her at an orchestra, but she is with her husband. During intermission her husband leaves the theatre, and Gurov makes his move.

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