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             TNA is a process of gathering and interpreting data for identifying performance problems and suggesting solutions. "Training needs analysis is a critical part of the training process. The TNA objective is twofold: to collect and evaluate information in order to find out what is being done now and what should be done now and later. We have no set procedure for performing a TNA, but the activities fall into three Stages (surveillance, investigation, analysis) and end with a report. The TNA concept provokes some problems within the organization, and the person sponsoring a TNA must cope with these."" (Smith & Delahaye, 1998 p. 79).
             The fictive case scenario presented in this assignment will take place at The Slåbrock Nightclub in Skien, Norway, where I actually used to work as the security manager.
             Some trendy nightclubs in Skien have been forced to close its doors because of failing to control crime on the premises. As a well-repudiated security consultant, I get a call from Slåbrock Nightclub which have received multiple warning letters from the local authorities, threatening to revoke the club's liquor license and operating permit. The conclusion from this call is that I am to conduct a TNA, write a report and present my recommendation to the Club management.
             I will do this TNA according to the model presented in: Brian L. Delaheye & Barry J. Smith (1998) How to be an effective trainer, skills for managers and new trainers. (3d ed). Brisbane: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
             I started my surveillance by collecting all available documentation on the club's general- and financial history, security plans/policies, standards relating to work performance, involvement with police and the state liquor control board etc. I also went on being a "fly on the wall- for a while, observing how the different employees at Slåbrock carried out their required working tasks and duties. To get a broader picture of what is going on, I finished of conducting informal interviews with staff, patrons and occasional clientele.

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