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The Debate about the Evolution

            As presented by Charles Darwin, the theory of Evolution - had been debated by many scientists and religious scholars, tackled by many critics, sided by modern thinkers but opposed by Biblical followers. Yes, there are so many misconceptions yet perfectly backed with facts. Some say it is true while some say it's fraud. What is then so controversial about this theory? Why is the world paying is much money for these researches but opposed by the Catholic Church? To answer these question let us look on both sides.
             " Man is the product of continuous variation of earlier and lower life forms. " Let us then discuss what is evolution and as we progress, may we see the development of man from the apes.
             Evolution is the natural process through which organism have acquired their characteristics, structure and function. The past few centuries have witnessed a thorough inventory of the million or more species of plants and animals living today, as well as the thousands of extinct species. Many biologists have studied in detail the structure, the functions, habits and distribution of these organisms. The result has been an accurate picture of the amazing variety and complexity of life. But at the same time, it has spurred curiosity as to how these have all come to existence. How can the many similarities and differences among plants and animals be explained? How do new species come into being? What happens to ancestral species? Evolution is the logical application to life of the truth that change is inevitable and universal.
             Four centuries have, at various times, been advance to explain the origin of life. Spontaneous generation, the oldest of these theories, holds that living matter is able to arise spontaneously from nonliving. From Anaximander, a Greek naturalist of the sixth century to Charles Darwin to whom we are now calling the " Father of Science of Evolution." The contribution of Charles Darwin was so considerable that evolution is often referred to as the Darwinian theory.

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