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organ transplant

             The bioethical issues of the case study are:.
             Organ sales on the black market to make a profit.
             Should someone be able to sell their organs while they are still living?.
             The well fair of someone worse off was jeopardized for the well being of successful business owner. .
             Should organ transplantation be legalized?.
             Organ transplantation should not be legalized because it is morally and ethically wrong. It is basically saying that it is ok to make money off of someone's misfortune. The black market cannot be controlled by a governing body, like the FDA, to ensure the safety of the organs. The black market also tends to target the lower class people to get the organs from because they will be willing to do a lot more for less money, like selling an organ for $30,000. .
             What is Xenotransplantation?.
             Xenotransplantation is the transplantation of living organs, cells or tissue from one species to another, such as from a pig to a human. The term is generally used to refer to non-human animal-to-human transplants. Xenografts are the live organs, cells and tissues used in xenotransplant procedures.
             Some bioethical concerns about Xenotransplantation.
             The human bodies immune system attacks foreign objects. Animal organ transplants have been fairly unsuccessful because the immune systems defense. There is a chance that a disease in an animal can be crossed over into the human through the transplantation. After the Xenograph the patients are very susceptible to infection because the drugs used to lower the immune system to not reject the donor organ. .
             If I were Luigi Guissepi, what would I do?.
             If I were Luigi I would have I would have waited for the right donor match from a cadaver. Jeopardizing another person's health for the health of another is not very ethical. That is like saying that one person has more of a right to live then another person. There are so many medications that are available.

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