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Caring for Your Puppy

             When your new puppy comes into your home it is important that you are prepared. There are many things you"ll need to know to ensure a healthy happy and obedient dog. As the new puppy starts learning his or her new rules and commutacations, it will be an adjusting period for everyone. Once home he should be welcomed as a new member of the family. .
             The most important things to show your new puppy are patience, love and attention. You"ll also have to get supplies for him like puppy food, water and food bowls, collar, leash and some toys. Bringing them to a vet and keeping his shots up to date, play a vital but important part in their life.
             In order to keep your puppy healthy and happy you"ll need to exercise them regularly, introduce them to other dogs, hard treats for their teeth and give them fresh water daily and feed them accordingly. You should keep them clean and check them for ticks and fleas during the summer months. You should check their paws for dryness during winter and always keep their nails trimmed. When the whole family takes part in a simple activity like brushing their coat, it will build a trusting bond. .
             It is never too early to start disciplining your puppy. Training at this age should be gentle but firm. When he displays good behavior, he should be highly praised. When they don't they should be handled with a quick verbal scolding. By doing this you will have a well-behaved puppy, and as an adult dog they will seek out your praise. You should never hit your puppy.
             Having an anew puppy takes a lot of time, energy and patience, but will bring you and your family companionship and great joy. Taking good care of your puppy will bring many years of fun and unconditional love.

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