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Sleepy Hollow

             Audience: Middle class people of any race, gender, or location, between the ages of 18 and 60 with atleast a 12th grade reading level who has read the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
             Purpose: To analyze "Sleepy Hollow", so my readers will be convinced to believe that Tim Burton turns Sleepy Hollow into a gothic setting to set the mood of the story.
             Thesis: Tim Burton uses a gothic setting to depict the dark unchanging mood of Sleepy Hollow.
             Gotham in the Hollow.
             In the movie "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", Tim Burton incorporates his patented Gothic look to help express the mood and attitude of the town and the people in it. Tim takes Washington Irving's story to new heights by using his own look and it furthermore adds a higher suspense element to the classic tale. Tim Burton uses a gothic setting to depict the dark and unchanging mood of Sleepy Hollow.
             The first time I saw this movie was at the Movie Theater the day it opened. I have always liked the story line associated with this movie and when I discovered that Tim Burton had put his own unique twist on this classic story, it was a must see for me! Tim Burton has a mystical talent for putting stories into setting that no one would ever dream of and making them work together. In Sleepy Hollow Tim shows the audience that this is not a happy town. He does this by giving it a dead look by only using dark, grey based colors. He paints Sleepy Hollow into being a hole in the world of life, for witch no one escapes alive. Tim Burton is no stranger to giving movies their own distinct flavor with the use of different color and architecture. In the movie Beetle Juice Burton uses his talent to take his audience into their imagination on the screen. Burton uses some of the same tactics in "Sleepy Hollow" to make the viewers feel that they are actually in the town itself. .
             The color that Burton uses is awesome in its own since. He gives everything a dark lifeless feel by using the right shades of grey, black and brown.

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