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A Clockwork Orange

            The film "A Clockwork Orange" directed by Stanley Kubrick was a Sci-Fi film about a vicious fifteen year old boy. The film was an adaptation of the 1963 novel by Anthony Burgess. The film began with Alex and his three droogs drinking milk laced with drugs. The four then set out on a violent rampage. After, beating and elderly man the four stop at the house of a writer. The group then proceeds to beat the man and rape his wife in front of him. The following day Alex, makes the mistake of annoying his droogs. That night while escaping a new crime scene the droogs leave Alex to be caught by the police. .
             While in prison, Alex manages to get himself into a program that will make him a good person and have him out in a month. The treatment was to give Alex a drug to make him feel horribly sick. During this sick period Alex was forced to watch acts of violence. This was to get his brain to associate the awful feeling with the images of violence. When Alex was released from prison he was rejected from society. Alex could no longer commit any act of violence. He met with all the people that he had wronged in the past. All of these people had taken turns beating Alex. After the treatment Alex was helpless to defend himself against these attacks. Bruised and Bloodied, Alex seeks shelter at the closest home possible. The house is occupied by the elderly writer, that Alex beat at the beginning of the film. The man tortured Alex until Alex jumped out of a window. .
             When Alex woke up from his attempted suicide he felt different. He had a memory of doctors working on his head. A test was administered and Alex seemed to have his evil side back. Finally, to finish the movie Alex had a nasty evil thought to let the audience know that he was back to his old self.
             Stanley Kubrick created an odd futuristic environment for the film. Alex's home was a myriad of strange colors and odd shapes. his mothers hair color changes every time we see her.

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