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            S require international students to earn certain TOEFL score as a requirement for admission. For this reason, thousands of students worldwide are studying for TOFLE, and trying to get enough score to apply for the university he or she wants. Some people argue that TOEFL should be one of the requirements as opposed to being a major requirement, doubting the effectiveness of TOEFL, but the following reason shows that why TOEFL score should be the main requirement for international students' admission.
             The first reason why TOEFL score should be the main requirement is that students learn a lot of things while studying TOEFL. TOEFL deals with many academic field, such as science, math, economy, literature, and so on. While students are studying TOEFL, students can access to each academic field and have a chance to figure out which major suit to them. Since TOEFL deals with academic study, without understanding the theories or the concepts, there is no way student can get good score. This makes students to study not only English, but also other subjects.
             The second reason why TOEFL score should be the main requirement is that TOEFL can evaluate students' level of English accurately. TOEFL consists of four parts, listening, grammar, reading, and writing. None of these parts is unimportant for international student to study in U.S. Most of all, listening and writing parts emphasize on improving students' ability to understand their lecture and write papers well. Understanding lectures properly and writing papers logically are keys to success in college.
             Lastly, TOEFL is prevalent and reputable. Most of the universities in U.S choose TOEFL to evaluate the students' abilities in English. There are some other tests besides TOEFL, but TOEFL is conducted in more than 165 countries. This figure reflect the fact how TOEFL is reliable reputable.
             Some of the students studying TOFEL argue that the higher TOFEL score does not necessarily mean intelligent student, but university does not look for intelligence from their prospective international students.

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