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The Images of Irony and Metaphor

            Irony and Metaphor are literary language that plays very important roles in short stories and poetries. .
             Irony can be described as a contrast between reality and expectations. There are three major categories of irony. The first category is Verbal Irony. This is when a writer or a speaker says one thing but really means the opposite. The second category is Situation Irony. This occurs when what actually happens is the opposite of what is expected to happen. The third category is Dramatic Irony. This occurs when the audience or the reader knows something important that a character in a play or story does not know. .
             One example of Verbal Irony arises in a photo studio when John and Mike, two co-workers working together trying to fix a camera. Mike said to John, "See! I know what I"m doing." John replied, "You"re so smart, I should have known!" When John told Mike that Mike was smart, he did not meant what he said. He said that to defend that was he intelligent himself and also not feel insulted by what happened. Verbal Irony in this situation is John saying one thing and actually he means something else.
             An example of Situational Irony is after watching a long Korean tragic love movie; the family expected that there would be a happy ending where the boy and the girl will be together. But the ending turned out to be the complete opposite. The boy died instead. In this example, Situational irony plays an unexpected role at the last part of the movie where the boy died.
             Dramatic Irony takes place a part in this movie. Two sisters got separated since one is around ten and the other around 15 years old. The whole store is about the older sister gone to look for her younger sister who lost her memory after a car accident. They got to know each other and were very close, not until the end the found out that they are sisters. In this movie, the audience knew all along that they were sisters but the character in the movie does not know.

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