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            An element from Bless Me, Ultima I believe merits further discussion is the fascination based around beliefs in curanderismo (folk medicine). The term is almost synonymous with the Hispanic culture. Supernaturalism concerning curanderismo is a large part of the intriguing history of the natives and Hispanics of the Southwest.
             It seems Curanderismo is greatly influenced by the deviation of religious believes that have been modified by society to fit pagan needs. In the case of Bless me Ultima, Catholicism and the ancient religion of the Native Americans certainly played a huge role in the believes the author portrayed. In the story of Bless me Ultima, it struck me to see how so much of Antonio's life was based on such thoughts and believes. It shows how a society will place importance on tales and stories from past generations to affect the way people live in the present.
             In the book, curanderismo and the church were often associated with each other. In many cases, curanderismo is portrayed as a superior level of power over very power of God. This especially made me want to sit-down with the author and express my personal believes about God. .
             The life of Antonio had many factors contributing to the confusion he saw as a child. His mother's religious beliefs, his friend's pagan stories and the power of Ultima as seen by his eyes, all made for a complicated world for any kid his age. For many Latin kids, it is natural for life to filled with tales and stories that involve the supernatural. This is epically true in Latin cultures where talking about the dead in "cuentos" is part of the everyday routine. At different times through out the story, I was reminded of my childhood in Mexico and the many tales we heard as kids. Nevertheless, I can understand how a child Antonio's age can be filled with questions about life and religion. I know I was. .

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