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Dangerous Driving Habits

            The least dangerous driving habits are more like annoying occurrences. There is always someone on the road that is sightseeing or engaged in conversation with passengers, especially when other drivers are in a hurry to get somewhere. They slow down and take their time to look at the sights, as if the other drivers on the road are nonexistent. Furthermore, those in conversation take their attention of the road. They are not alert to the streets they are passing, and slow down occasionally (almost to a stop) to look at the street names. .
             Though there are driving habits that are more dangerous, these may cause accidents. Fiddling with the radio takes one's concentration off the road, and they may swerve into the ditch, or even into another car. I have witnessed an accident, of which the cause was a cellular phone. A person talking on a cell phone rolled through a four-way stop and was nearly crashed by another car. Onlookers of accidents also cause accidents themselves, particularly if in fast traffic.
             However, there are still most dangerous driving habits. Tailgating and speeding are severe habits, and put other drivers into danger as well as the driver doing it. The tailgater cannot predict when the driver in front will suddenly stop. Thus, when the driver in front suddenly breaks, the tailgater will ram right into that vehicle. When speeding on city streets, it is easy not to notice a slow-moving vehicle pulling out of a driveway. As a result, the speeder will crash into the other vehicle.

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