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Effects of 9/11 on the airline

            The Effect of September 11 on the Airline Industry and Procedure.
             Prior to September 11, 2001 most Americans would not have thought twice about the process of flying. Although there had been plane crashes in the past, most people would have never even thought about the crashes when they decided to use flying as their mode of transportation. A person could buy a ticket from any major commercial airline, get to the airport, check-in, get their baggage checked and be on the plane in a matter of minutes. Once they were on the plane there would be no worries of the intentions of other passengers, nor would there be the stress of not making it to the final destination. Before September, 11 2001 the airline industry had been steadily growing even though there had been a recession in early 2001 (Ramstack 2002). The airlines had been a major employer for many Americans, and a big part in the economic status of America. Due to the traumatic events that took place on September 11, 2001 all of this has changed.
             Airports have dramatically increased security all over the country after the September 11th disaster. The increase in security was put into effect mainly to prevent future disasters such as hijacking or other terrorist threats. It was also to make all of the passengers feel safe flying the airways again. Airport security was tightened in many aspects which has pleased many people but not all. A very extensive and comprehensive search takes place before even entering the terminals creates extremely long lines that leave people standing around for longer then people imagine. These long lines for the most part are not problem though, many people are willing to wait to ensure their safety. .
             The ways that these searches have been done in the past is also changing because the types of weapons that are now known can be used in terrorist efforts. Plastic knives are among a few of these weapons that were never really taken as a huge threat.

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