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Pleasantville and the 1960's M

            Pleasantville and the 1960's Movements.
             The illusion which we consider reality can change in an instant with a single profound experience. For the inhabitants of Pleasantville, this experience was brought on by Bud and Mary Sue. They both brought new experiences which completely transformed the typical 1950's world. Indirectly they brought everything from discrimination to love. Many of the events which occurred in Pleasantville actually parallel many of the movements/events from the 1960s.
             The Apollo space mission took place in the late 1960s but it symbolizes the change of a world not used to change. During this mission there were two astronauts who landed on the moon and were greeted by a plain black and white surface where nothing ever changes. Bud and Mary Sue resemble quite closely to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in the sense that they are something new that is coming to a world that does not change. By the time the astronauts left the moon, they had changed the perspective in which the moon was viewed. The moon was no longer just black, white and bland; it now contained a new artifact. A lunar module and American flag were new symbols of change. In Pleasantville Bud and Mary Sue changed the Pleasantville world forever as well. They introduced color and change into a world that was formerly knows only as black and white. This was a world with no new ideas and was constantly the same. Bud and Mary Sue changed the way people thought, felt and how they viewed their world. They left behind with them a world with new ideas and hopes much like what the Apollo missions did for earth. .
             As more and more people turned into Technicolor, many from the community didn't know how to handle such a radical situation. Many or the uncolored group disapproved of the change and began to rebel. They refused to believe people could change and still be normal. The colored people became alienated. Vandalism would occur in the streets, hatred was spread among people who refused change, and a complete separation of society was evident.

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