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             Behaviorism is the study of animal and human conditioning. Learning or conditioning is an essential tool for survival so to identify conditioning as the universal learning process many behavior theorists conducted experiments. John B. Watson and B. F. Skinner both are behavior theorists who conducted experiments proving that the only way to study behavior is to look at a person's response in relation to its environment. There are three main theories of behaviorism Classical conditioning, Operant conditioning and Cognitive social learning theory. An example of behaviorism that could happen is when a little girl who wants candy but the mom wants her to finish her homework. The mom could teach the child to finish her homework before she can have the candy. The child is being conditioned to finish her homework because she knows that when the child finishes she will be reinforced with candy. .
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             A: An example of Classical conditioning is when my best friend David has the tendency to keep the temperature in his car extremely cold that when we go out together I am so cold that I get the chills. The next week before I started to walk towards his car I began to feel very uncomfortable and began to get the chills even before I entered the front seat of his vehicle. This is classical conditioning because my unconditioned stimulus is the cold temperature in his vehicle and my unconditioned response is getting the chills and increased heartbeat. This is a natural feeling that is not learned. However my conditioned stimulus is seeing the car and knowing that it is going to be cold, while my conditioned response is being cold and very uncomfortable with the increased heartbeat. I am now conditioned to know that every time I enter his car I will be uncomfortable and very cold. .
             B. Another good example is when I come home and pet my cat; the petting creates a purring response from the cat. The cat loves the petting that the cat begins to purr at the sight of me walking through the door.

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