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            Flaws are found in everyone's personality, however, as people mature and grow older, they tend to eliminate the defects in their own characters. In the Shakespearian play Macbeth, the main character has one major flaw-greed for power-which classifies him as a tragic hero. This tragic hero, a figure of royalty and braveness, is predominantly good but falls from his prominence due to the flaws in his personality. As a result of the weakness in his mind, Macbeth's actions often become evil, manipulative or atrocious. During the play, he suffers because of his dark secrets and battles his conscience even after his specific desire is reached or accomplished. Macbeth's change in character can be attributed to his own ambition, his wife's domination and persistence, or even the influence of the witches. The play Macbeth by William Shakespeare uses many thought- provoking examples of how something that starts out with the best intention can ultimately lead to disaster. Shakespeare makes Macbeth's character change to show how evil can take control and manipulate a person to cause pain to the surrounding environment. Throughout the play, Macbeth becomes more impaintent, secretive, and paranoid. His obsession for power makes him arrogant because of comprehending unnatural events literally and not figuratively. As a result of his change in character, Macbeth loses control of his mind. .
             It is clear at the beginning of the play, Macbeth is a brave war hero who is fearless and physically powerful. At first, his intellectual side seems a bit crippled because as a worrior, he is a man of small words but big actions. Nevertheless, this behavior does not last and after Macbeth kills the king, his mind rapidly begins to operate in order for him to be presumed innocent and eliminate his enemies. One of the main themes of this play builds up when Macbeth becomes king and his character begins to transform.

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