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Time when owen went to war

             It has been 2 years now and the bloody war has not ended yet. When will this terror of war ever end? .
             The sound of gun fire and the cries of people hurt and injured just makes me feel angry about the people who started this war. From the beginning of this war many have felt that war will be fun and they will become heroes, sure they will become heroes but they will suffer very horrorible deaths with many diseases and shock give them more pressure to die. .
             Now I am in my little house near a school and I can smell a bloody smell of blood and flesh everywhere. Everywhere I go I can smell the fresh taste of blood and human flesh. It also smells like rotten bodies of died soldiers that can came back from battle carried by the men in the army. The dead bodies of our men are respected and sent home for a respectful funeral where flowers are given and then the burial to take place.
             It was very sad to see soldiers marching off towards their death at the beginning of the World War I. It was very sick! Many people actually felt surprised on the battlefields and wanted to return back to their home towns. They were fully shocked of what they have went into, many people would rather get maim, so the commander would send them home cause they did no good to the army when they was hurt. .
             From what I can see through my window, I can see the landscape of my beautiful village being totally destroyed my bombs. Many people went to the war and did not return, even if they did they would probably suffer from "shell shock" from attrition warfare or they would probably kill themselves because they cannot stand the horror they have been in. .
             After seeing many people killed I have started to write poems on their experiences with the war and the sequences of when the war started and till I get blown to million of pieces during the war. .
             Signing off now.
             Wilfred Owen.

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