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To kill a mockingbird

             During the story To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Jem and Scout changed there judgment about many people such as Boo Radley and Atticus Finch. Both Scout and Jem's judgments of these two people were negative, but they learned more about there personalities and there ideas about them changed. .
             Jem and Scout first thought that Boo Radley was a creepy, scary, hermit who killed people's pets and would hurt people as well. They changed there minds about Boo when Jem got his pants caught on a fence while trying to sneak a peak of Boo. To Jem's astonishment when he returned to retrieve his pants they had been sewed up and gingerly placed back on the fence. This example changed there feelings towards Boo cause they realized that he was really friendly and king. Boo was the first person that Jem and Scout changed there judgments about. .
             The second person whom Jem and Scout changed there judgment on was Atticus there own father. At first Jem and Scout thought Atticus was a dull and unathletic "old" man. When Tim Johnson's dog came by and Calpernia realized that it had rabies, Atticus shot it with a single bullet. They both realized that Atticus was not they way they knew him to be now. People should not be judged, unless you have been placed in their shoes and leaned what they have learned. Jem, Scout and I have all misjudged people which sometimes leads to problems. So before you judge someone make sure you really know all you can about a person.

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