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             "You could say that this is a story about friendship, and the betrayal of friendship, and friendships lost and regained.
             Friendship is a slippery notion. We lose friends as we change and our friends don't, or as we form other alliances, or as we betray our friends, or are ourselves betrayed.
             We often make friends for the weakest of reasons. Proximity, for example, or shared experiences, or laziness or need - but what will make them endure as friends? Their similarity to us? Their utter difference from us." Pg21.
             "That's what happens between friends: You rub too closely sometimes and the friction ignites hidden grievances". .
             Both these quotes are extremely true; we make friends for some of the weirdest reasons. Throughout the book and in real life alike friendships and relationships are forged every day, but what stops them from growing apart? The answer is distance itself. Many psychologists have said that the key to a successful relationship is distance from each other. As the closer we get, and the more we hang around with the same people, the more chances of getting irritated and agitated with each other grow. Apart from the book "The Divine Wind", being about racism between many different cultures. I think it also has an underlying theme of friendship. I also think that this is what the writer was trying to include when writing it as it would make it more realistic, and feel more like reading a biography of Hart.
             Friendship, The name given to people which we feel close to. The name given to people who we cling to for support, in order not to feel like we are not alone in this world. .
             The dictionary meaning of friend is "one attached to another by esteem, respect and affection; an intimate associate; a familiar form of salutation; a supporter". Do we or do we not use friendship to keep us occupied someone to confer with or confide in when needed to. Many say that true friendship is far and few but acquaintances are many.

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