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Child Labor

            Child Labor has been an issue in America throughout history. At times, children have been treated harshly, many hours, and for little pay. Younger children were deprived of an education due to their having to work a certain amount every week. The conditions, treatment, etc caused horrible effects on these children and often remained with them for many years later. .
             Having to work a certain amount of hours allotted to you, this caused children to lose much wanted and needed recreational time. This caused them to lose out on being able to participate in activities normal children should be doing to stay healthy and entertained. This caused a somewhat lack of a real childhood. They did not know what the fun of playing with their friends could feel like. They were also often endangered having working in such unsafe and dirty conditions. They were not given any rights or protection. Lives were at stake, as well as childhoods. These children were living such sad lives, which no child should have to endure. .
             Soon people began to realize the harm and corruption involved in this child labor system. Children were going to work and risking their lives for barely any money at all. Most of their lives were spent at their jobs. Children began to work at such early ages. This meant that not only were they giving up their childhoods, but also their educations. Children were not home to go to school and learn. As shown in the chart, there are regulations on maximum hours and the maximum days per week for a working child. It also demonstrates tasks carried out by the children. Working conditions were horrible, and an end would soon be put to this.
             Finally, it was becoming more obvious and known by many that the child labor going on was cruel and wrong. Many were concerned about the lack of a childhood and education for the children. As stated in the excerpt, a Massachusetts law in 1836 required children who worked to also receive an education.

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