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Watch Out Worthington

             If Norwich start tumbling down the table, we could soon see Nigel Worthington down at the local job centre. Highly unlikely, but when results do go wrong who is to blame? Marc Dudley investigates. .
             With managers going and coming quicker than the local bus services, it is not surprising that most managers in football today feel vulnerable of getting the sack if results start to go wrong. Some managers can feel safe for the time being, Arsene Wenger at Arsenal has just been offered a contract for life, and Sir Alex at Man Utd seems to never disappear. However, those managers who do get shown the door often wonder if they could have done a better job. The question is, is it the managers that should be blamed or is it the overpaid footballers who are the ones that we should point the finger at? The manager can only tell the team what to do; it's the players who have to perform on the pitch. That is why in football (and most other sports) managers must have complete faith in the players to do the job, because if they don't the manager knows that the fans will be asking for his head!.
             One manager who most people felt sorry for (not the Sunderland fans!) was former Sunderland manager Peter Reid, who was sacked after 7 years in the job. He took Sunderland from the bottom of the 1st Division to the Dizzy heights of the Premiership and when results started to go wrong the fans suddenly forgot what he had achieved, and wanted to give him the boot. Even the Sunderland players said it was their fault, but the finger was still pointed at Reid. Sunderland had finished seventh the previous season, and when they were no longer fighting at the top the fans felt they had to blame someone Howard Wilkinson, the new man in charge has really worked wonders since taken over has he. That is another thing with football; it is so much easier to blame an individual than a whole team. David Beckham was blamed for England's exit in the 1998 World Cup, when there was actually 10 other players on the pitch playing in three lions shirt.

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