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Abortion Ethics

             The death of a human fetus is a naturally occurring phenomenon.
             prospective parent(s) decide that a pregnancy is unwanted and seek an abortion, there are ethical .
             implications for the results of their decision-making. The competing claims that are espoused by .
             both the pro-life and pro-choice, however, fail to adequately consider that those women who become pregnant through consensual sexual relations today have the opportunity to avoid pregnancy. Today, women and men who are not interested in creating a pregnancy have at their disposal a wide assortment of contraceptives. In some instances, these contraceptives are developed to account for the physiological mechanics of human sexual function, thus making them nearly perfect.
             So it is argued here that modern women and men should not be confronted with the threat of an unwanted pregnancy resulting from consensual sex. And thus, abortion can now be objected to on the grounds that modern science has now invested society with the responsibility for communicating to each individual his or her personal responsibilities in relation to sex and its relationship to value of human life. .
             A pro-life sub-argument1: .
             P1: Consensual sex in which the male sperm and female egg are prevented from .
             accessing each other is sex that will prevent pregnancy.
             P2: A man using birth control and not allowing the escape of non-sterilized semen .
             during consensual sexual activity with a female is a man acting to prevent his .
             sperm from having procreative access to the female egg. .
             P3: A female regularly using non-defective birth control is a female acting to prevent .
             the sperm of her male consensual sex partner from gaining procreative access to .
             her egg.
             P4: A male using non-defective birth control during sexual relations with a female is a .

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