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Abortion Is it moral

             Chidren today faace an uncertain future as abortion rights are at an all time high. As teen pregnancy grows, abortions are becoming more and more common. Young women are looking for ways out instead of taking on the responsibility at hand. If they would only take the time to think about the situation before they acted, they would be less likely to regret their decision later on in life. Abortions not only kill innocent children, they also kill the leaders of tomorrow.
             Some people believe that in the early stages of pregnancy abortions are ethical because the fetus is not completely formed. However, at the moment of conception a small life is formed. Thus, to have an abortion at any stage of pregnancy is murder. .
             In the early stages of pregnancy, a fetus' heartbeat can be detected. This single heartbeat is a sign of life. When an abortion takes place the heartbeat ceases, and causes death. When an adult's heartbeat ceases they die. This should conclude that an unborn fetus is alive and that any action taken to destroy it should not only be wrong but illegal.
             One type of abortion is partial birth. This is the moat brutal form of abortion. The fetus ,in its third or fourth month, is partially birthed. A sharp-pointed instrument is then inserted into the base of the baby's neck. As the baby stiffens, its brain is sucked into a container and the body falls limp. It is then completely birthed and disposed of. Any way you look at it this type of abortion is murder. .
             Some couples try for years to have a child and many come up unsuccesful. A young woman who becomes pregnant and decides to abort the fetus should feel ashamed of herself for taking advantage of the miracle of life. How does she know that her baby wasn't a future president or a great inventor? The cure for AIDS or cancer could have already been killed by abortion.
             Abortion is murder and it should not be legal unless the life of the mother is in danger.

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