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steroid use

             Much dispute has developed dealing with whether steroids should be permissible for performance enhancement. There is no reason that a ban on steroid use should exist. Steroids, like many other drugs are used solely to enhance the body's appearance or performance, something that is entirely ethical. If someone is not happy with their body and using steroids to gain muscle is their way of increasing confidence they why shouldn't they be allowed to use steroids? Cosmetic surgery alters someone's body, and that is legal. Someone opposing steroids cannot use the foundation that there are critical side effects of steroids because research has not proven this. Steroids with or without a ban will exist and it is the person's freedom of choice to decide whether or not to take steroids. When steroids are affiliated with sports there is a lot of pressure coming from family and coaches that steroids is sometimes unavoidable. The testing done with athletics is not foolproof therefore should not be allowed. .
             Regardless if steroids are legal or not they are still going to subsist in the world. Athletes who are not resorting to steroids are not doing it because of the legality; they are not taking steroids because that was their choice. If steroids were made legal not every athlete would be jumping to the opportunity to take them. They have the opportunity, steroid use is an everyday act for some major sports teams and steroids are very accessible, if through a friend, teammate, or even a coach. Reasons for people to take steroids vary and none should be considered illegitimate. "80% of male track and field Olympic athletes have used steroids. 30% of college basketball players used them. In 1990, 75% of the NFL used steroids on a regular basis."(Drugs And Sports, Gail. B Stewart) Within these teams, it is very easy for someone to access steroids. .
             If someone has extremely low self-confidence about their body who is it to say that one can't take certain measures to improve their looks? Why are steroids so condemned? According to Paul Goldstein, the chief investigator of business weekly, individuals from all walks of life have admitted to the use of steroids.

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