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Caliban VS Prospero

             The Attacked Vs the Attacker.
             The Tempest by William Shakespeare is a play written near the end of the .
             playwright's life. He depicts the life of thirteen people and describes what happens .
             through them through a series of anecdotes. The characters Caliban and Prospero have .
             active enmity toward each other. Although Caliban has been Prospero slave for a long .
             time, they are very different despite the amount of time they have spent together. .
             Prospero, while being a strong powerful man, shows his softness during the play. .
             Caliban, also while being a nice slave for Prospero shows his evil ways of planning to kill .
             Prospero. During the play you also see how Caliban thinks of Prospero. You see him .
             through Caliban's perspective as being a tyrant. These characters show their differences .
             and why monsters and humans will never get along and reach an agreement.
             Prospero seems like a man who is very strong and powerful seeming like an esteemed .
             Ruler. Prospero is the type of man who likes to indulge in magic a lot and .
             can create many things including a tempest which he crates to punish Antonio for .
             usurping his power. We also know that he enjoys the doing magic by the quote "my .
             library was dukedom large enough-. This is a very important quote because it shows his .
             love for magic and love for it. This shows his flippant for his dukedom. Prosper also .
             seems to have a nave personality. Because of this personality he is taken over by .
             stronger powers like his brother Antonio. Prospero uses his dark side to get revenge on .
             Antonio for usurping his power. Prospero's character is very misleading and very erratic. .
             At first he seems very tired and sad for losing is dukedom, second he gets mad and plans .
             to make Antonio pay for his misdemeanors. Prospero shows his strength and power in .
             two ways during the play. One, he shows his magic powers by creating a storms. Number .
             two, he shows his power by taking Caliban as a slave.

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