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             In this chapter all the town's people are gathered outside the prison. The prison is very old and has a big wooden door with studded iron spikes. They tell us that one of the first things they built in the new colony was a cemetery and a prison. Another important thing introduced in this chapter is the rose bush; the rose bush shows that there is growing life outside the town. It also represents beauty. .
             Chapter II: The Market-Place.
             Hester walks out of the prison with a baby in her hands. With the whole crowed watching she walks to the scaffold where she must stand and listen to the crowed make fun of her and yell at her. She must also where the letter "A" on her dress which stands for Adultery, which is the reason she is standing there. While she is standing up there looking over the crowd she starts thinking of things in the past like her parents in England and an old man who she married. She squeezes her baby so hard it starts to cry.
             Michael Friedhaber.
             Chapter III: The Recognition.
             As Hester stands on the scaffold she sees her husband who sent her to America. Her husband, Roger Chillingworth, is kind of deformed and has a hunch back. He shows up with and Indian and makes a motion to Hester not to tell anyone who he is. Chillingworth asks a man in the crowd why Hester is on the scaffold and the man tells him why. He than asks who the baby's father is and the man tells him that Hester didn't tell them who she had the baby with therefore she must take the punishments.
             Chapter IV: The Interview.
             Hester sees her husband in the prison because he says he learned medicine from the Indians. He gives her a cup of some kind of medicine and she thinks it is poison but Chillingworth tells her he wants her to live so he can find out who fathered the baby and he can get his revenge. Chillingworth keeps trying to get Hester to tell him who the father is but she keeps refusing. He told her to promise him she wouldn't tell anyone that they are married.

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