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            The Town of Pullman was both a success and a failure. The labor conflict of 1894 played an important role in determining whether the town of Pullman was indeed a success or a failure. There was unrest by the residence in the town of Pullman because George Pullman's vision was carried out. I will start by giving a brief description about how the town of Pullman came about.
             George Pullman was a self-made man. He started his fortune by building and designing sleeping cars. He envisioned a train cart in which people could comfortably travel from state to state with style. After he made his fortune he had another idea. He envisioned a model town. He believed that people would pay more for style and elegance so everything he designed would be extravagant. The town would be: "A harmonious community of contented workingmen living in comfortable housing and enjoying superior facilities."(Buder, 228) George Pullman wanted to construct a model town that was perfect and one that would be a blue print for future towns. He believed that the businessmen in the city were troubled by bars and brothels, crime, and labor agitators. He was in need of a new factory at the time. He chose to construct a town around his new factory in the suburbs. The inhabitants of this town would be employees of the factory as well as the various stores around the town. The houses of the city would be all constructed of brick. This would be America's first "all-brick city." Pullman carefully planned and considered every detail and situation. He anticipated that the town would need stores to carry raw materials as well as finished products. There was much anticipation and excitement all over the world about the opening of Pullman. .
             The first thirteen years of the town Pullman was a success. George Pullman spent money and built made his vision of a model town into a reality. The town was one of the most elegant in the world. Crowds of people would take a train just to visit the town and see all the fabulous sights from the factory, to the brick houses, to the parks.

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