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Fort Macon

             Being new in college I have been through several different experiences. One that I have experienced is having been introduced to alcohol. I've always been informed about it and somewhat curious. In high school I hung out with a crowd that never experimented with alcohol. Now that I am in college, alcohol is widely used. It is used so much I find it to be one of the top problems on campus.
             There are several different problems on campus that are related to alcohol use. One problem is damage to residence halls. When students come back to the residence halls intoxicated sixty-nine percent of the time damage is done. The student's judgement is impaired therefore participating in abnormal behavior. .
             Another problem with alcohol on campus is violent behavior. A lot of young adults, when intoxicated, result in violence. Their judgement is yet again impaired and they place themselves on an emotional roller coaster. They become angry easily and the ending result is an altercation. This happens sixty-four percent of the time.
             Drinking on campus can also result in academic problems. If a student drinks on a weekday the student is less likely to go to class the next day due to a hang over. The student is also less likely to finish assignments for the classes. This happens thirty-four percent of the time.
             Another disadvantage of drinking on college campuses is it ultimately leads to dropping out. If the student drinks constantly they will not attend class and will not complete assignments yet again. If the student does not do any of their class work they will fail the course. The student then becomes discouraged and will drop out. This happens twenty-five percent of the time.
             College students drink large volumes of alcohol in a short amount of time. This is to feel the effects of the liquor as soon as possible. There are many problems that come up with this type of drinking also. Students can be hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

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