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philosopical anayalsis

            Aristotle says that humans become happy from their own actions. He believes that happiness is what every person wants. Many people go about their quest for happiness in different ways; these being the pursuit of honor, pleasure, and intelligence. One of his more interesting points argues that humans would seek their desires even if results were not produced.
             I agree with Aristotle that all humans are seeking what they believe to be happiness. In each particular case each man has a different desire for happiness. What might make one person happy can devastate another. For example, the tragedy that occurred on September eleventh made some people happy and hurt the people on the other side. In my opinion, happiness is different for all people. It is just how they approach the situation that makes each side different.
             Freud, on the other hand, believes that seeking pleasure is an instinct, and he also believes that happiness is achieved by other means. However, he agrees in terms of the long-term goal of being happy. There is more than one way of achieving happiness and the proof is in Aristotle and Freud's beliefs. No matter how much that desire is filled, we will always want more. Freud states that the way to truly be happy is to not have any displeasure. Of course, as we all know, true happiness can never be achieved because every human being has rough experiences at one time or another.
             Nevertheless, Aristotle's belief is that humans can pursue happiness through actions of honor, pleasure, and intelligence. This means that no matter how hard a situation is, an individual can improve it through honor, pleasure, and intelligence in order to find happiness.
             To Freud, true happiness can never be achieved perfectly. Not every human is perfect. Plus, difficult situations may get in the way of the pursuit of happiness. .

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