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Characterization of Squire

             In The Prologue from the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer constructs a portrait of the main characters. The Squire is one that Chaucer describes in the Prologue. The Squire's portrait contains thematic meaning along with satire and irony. Many of these Satire and ironic descriptions involves the comparison to the Knight. .
             When the Squire is first characterized by Chaucer, it applies to the Squire's physical appearance. One can see how much The Squire values his physical appearance by Chaucer's characterization of him. "With locks as curly as if they had been pressed" (Line 183), this quote shows how he valued his hair. Chaucer also tells us that the Squire is in his twenties and is normal height with wonderful agility and strength. This shows us that he probably works out to keep in shape. Chaucer also mentions that the Squire had seen a little time in battle with the cavalry. "Of time, in hope to win his lady's grace", (Line 90) shows that he was concerned with his appearance to try and win a lady's liking. Chaucer says that the Squire can sing, dance, joust, draw, and write songs and poems. The Quote, "he slept as little as a nightingale" (Line 100), means that he was always serving the knight and had no time for sleep just like Florence Nightingale.
             Chaucer also used irony in each of his portraits. One of the main ironies in The Canterbury Tales is how most of the people from the church are dishonest and unfair. The irony in the Squire's case is how he is the Knights son and his apprentice, yet he is more worried about his appearance and women more than the Chivalric code. One would expect for the Squire to be striving to be considered heroic and honest. The Knight is an image that all true knights struggle to be, practicing chivalric qualities such as dedication, bravery, and honesty. The Squire, on the other hand, is flamboyant, shallow, and devious. This is a reflection of not only knights but people of that time.

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