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Parent Advice

            Going to University is a major step for everyone.
             For a teenager who is taking this step, there are many stresses.
             to deal with. One stress is moving out so that they are closer to the.
             university, another is getting a job to pay for the tuition, or maintaining time.
             so that they could study and hold a job part-time. As a parent, we also have.
             the similar stresses, or maybe even more. We worry about how our children are.
             doing, wondering if they are capable of surviving the big responsibility of.
             living out on their own. We are happy when our son/daughter graduate form high.
             school, but we are also scared about them going to university. We are not sure.
             if they are ready to face the big world. This is the time when the son/daughter.
             has freedom, so they think they could do anything that they want, such as.
             staying up all night and partying, or not going to classes. As a parent, and.
             having my son in university myself, I have a few advises for those who are.
             becoming independent and are leaving for university. Having some fun is not a.
             bad thing, but you should remember that you are there to study and to fulfill.
             your dreams and your parents dreams. University is a big and different.
             environment, you will be meeting new people and making new friends. In.
             university, friends are your first place to look for help and support. During.
             your years in university, you will face many problems, but these problems.
             should not stop you from getting your education. Make in my days, education was.
             not easy, we did not have many career choices, but nowadays there are many.
             choices. As students and young adults you have the opportunity to make a.
             difference in this high-tech world. And you could choose which path of career.
             to take. Entering university is only the first step to get an advanced.
             education so that you can get a career of your choice. Think of university as.
             the final chapter in your life. First it was elementary school, middle school, .

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