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The Stone Angel

            Margaret Laurence's, The Stone Angel is a powerful journey of the life of a 90-year-old woman . Hager (Currie) Shipley who narrates her story of growing old and reflects with bitterness, humor, and a painful awareness of own frailties on the life that she led. Hager draws from her childhood experience, daughter of a respected merchant, to her rebellious marriage, Hagar has fought a long and sometimes misguided arguments for independence and respect. Hager is a strong women who portrays stuborness, Her experience of tying in past and present dialogue is a strong woman who possess strong characteristics of being stubborn, argumentative, self reliant, with her life almost behind her she makes a bold attempt towards freedom and independence. The protagonist is Hager (Currie) Shipley tells her story of her life starting with her childhood experiences, her dysfunctional marriage and her dependency in old age to physical challenges guide Hager to grow spiritually. and a reflection of her lifenarrated by a strong woman who is the Hagar Currie Shipley, age ninety, tells the story of her life, and in doing so tries to come to terms with how the very qualities which deprived her of joy. Mingling past and present dialogue she maintains prid in the face of senility, while recalling the life she led as a rebellious yound bride and later as a grieving mother. Hager is a strong woman who posess strong character traits Laurence gives us a portrait of a remarkable character and at the same time the picture of old age itself, with the pain, the weariness, the terror , the impotent angers and physical mishaps; the realizations that others are waiting and wishing for an end.
             Angel is a compelling journey seen through the eyes of a woman nearing the end of her life. At ninety, Hagar Shipley speaks movingly of the perils of growing old and reflects with bitterness, humor, and a painful awareness of her own frailties on the life she has led.

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