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Hate Crime and Justice

             Hate crime is one of the biggest issues many people face today. The word "Hate," meaning that to despise someone for his or her race or to be prejudice against one's believes. This issue is of the major since the beginning of the time. Many people have been killed because trying to fight for what they thought was right. Many people have many different opinions. One's opinion can be influenced by brainwash, or the harsh way by beating them up. With today's law it bounds people from committing a crime, but it does not totally restrict them from doing it. In Today's society hate crimes are not over looked but have very consequential penalties.
             According to Charley Reese, ""Hate crime" is step toward totalitarianism . Government shouldn't make it lager then it is ." He is using the example how we should control ourselves ("No matter how obnoxious or offensive we find certain speech, ." p.103 9.) . He is angry at the government of our country, saying that "police speech is to police thought." He has many other controversial things to say, but as he get to the end he has written how we as human race should move to totalitarianism.
             In conclusion, I disagree with author of the article, "Hate Crime and Justice." As Mr. Reese moves along with his article he is arguing that people should not involve government in this issue. For example, His mansions that government should not be involve, yet he has agreed that people in Canada, and Germany were thrown in jail, but he fails to mansion the crimes some of the people have committed. I believe that with the laws and boundaries to control some people would have done more damage. .
             In his article he shows that he very insecure about what he is writing about. For example in order to support his statement he has lack of details on the writing, and explanations. He trying to push the reader to towards his opinion by creating an environment that a reader is secure in, but this approach fails.

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