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arms and Armor

             Arms and armor were a big part of the medieval life. Along time ago they had to fight to keep their land even their lives most of the time, so they needed a lot of arms and armor. Countries and people fought a lot of wars back in the medieval days. Weather or not they were fighting for there lands or countries if you were not equipped you would get pushed around. They used the weapons to protect themselves and for everyday life. They used armor to protect themselves from the enemy's weapons.
             Medieval designs were in all shapes and sizes. Battle-axes, spears, and maces had very fine art work on their handles and blades. The war hammer was a big metal hammer with a spike on the top and back of it. The mace was a long metal stick with a ball connected to a chain that you could swing and hit your enemy with.
             Swords were very important in the medieval time period. A sword was the most important weapon to a knight. Swords were made of light iron so the soldier could swing them with ease. The Vikings had many different designs of swords, but their blades varied very little. They had 26 types of swords. Vikings put charms in bags and tied them with string on the upper guards of their swords for good luck. Scottish usually used the big two handed sword. The two handed sword was a specialized and effective infantry weapon, and was recognized as such in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The sword was usually about 52 inches and weighed between 6 and 14 pounds. Some swords were really fancy and were only used in rituals and ceremonies. Ceremonies demand the finest and most impressive swords and they are reserved for those special moments.
             Long bows and crossbows were used a lot to in the medieval era. You could fire a long bow quicker but it was harder to aim. The length of the long bows arrows usually depended on the bows length. Shafts of the bows were usually made of ash or birch, and the arrows head was made from iron.

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