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             1 All three of these religions listed above tend to have some similarities between them. Some of them acquired aspects from their neighboring religions, or simply evolved in each other. For example Buddhism, as an old dominant religion of India actually developed in many other forms of Asian Buddhism and became the dominant religion in China and well over Asia. While even before Buddhism, Hinduism had already rooted itself in India. Buddhism adopted many important aspects of Hinduism- the teaching about reincarnation. Buddha- Siddharta Gautama brought the change, traveling to Asia to seek "Ultimate Enlightenment" which is "Nirvana", could be referred to as the main goal of life, or the state- once you fulfill it. Nirvana, as it is known in Hinduism and Buddhism is one of the similarities. The main idea in Buddhism is trying to understand the way, - find and reach the Ultimate Enlightenment.
             Literature (World Masterpieces), "Buddhism", page 229:.
             "Buddhism teaches, that all life is sorrow and that sorrow is caused by desires, trying to eliminate desires is the way to achieve the ultimate enlightenment." Eight fold path to salvation includes self perfection of each and every element of human being. .
             Hinduism is similar in many ways to Buddhism. There are a lot of things, which are sacred to the people of India, things such as animals, plants and the whole understanding of nature. People who belong to this religion believe in resurrection, which is reincarnation, in the special way, which is linked to "Dharma". In Hinduism it is believed that after a person dies, his/her Dharma is considered. If Dharma was not fulfilled, and that person did a lot of fault things, which lowered it; that person would be resurrected as a lesser being. Lesser being is not necessarily an animal, it could be a plant, an object in nature, which is a living thing. The concept of "Dharma" is that of the way, the ultimate goal in one's life or as in Buddhism "Nirvana".

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