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Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuit

             Ignatius of Loyola formerly known as Inigo Lopez of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1540. As well Pope Paul III had recognized Loyola's group as an order. The Jesuits were started by a small group of well educated men and had grown rapidly with great success. The emphasis of this group was put on education, which was its outset right from the beginning. The Society of Jesus has had a tremendous influence on the world for the past six centuries and still to this day continues to grow. It can also be said that Loyola and the Society of Jesus saved Catholicism by leading the Counter-Reformation against the Protestants. .
             Loyola was a young Spanish soldier who was born into the military world. Loyola was the youngest child in a large family, and was in search of a reputation. Loyola took a lot of pride in being a soldier and took it very seriously. "He had, said Polanco, a reputation for never bearing malice, and for always fighting like a man of honour."# During this particular time period there was an ongoing battle between the Spanish and the French for the Province of Navarre. Both countries believed it was theirs and only theirs. Between 1512 and 1521 the French had made a numerous amount of attempts to recapture Navarre. Loyola was destined not to let the French take over Navarre and in 1521, Loyola fought his last battle for Spain. During this last battle Loyola was hit by a cannon ball that smashed his leg and cut it badly. This particular injury ruined Loyola's military career, but little did he know this injury would change his life for the better. .
             While Loyola was recovering from his leg injury he underwent an extraordinary conversion. To pass time Loyola read Christian classics, which he became fascinated with. These Christian readings triggered the conversion that Loyola experienced. "So impressed with was he with the heroic self-sacrifice of the church's saints and their methods of overcoming mental anguish and pain that he underwent a profound a religious conversion.

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