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American tolerance

            Did Americas society become less tolerant in the 1920s?.
             In this essay I will be concentrating on whether America became more or less tolerant in the 1920s. There are many arguments for and against each section of the essay, particularly on the development of religious and anti non-American groups that increased prodigiously at that period of time.
             I will be focussing and discussing the main events that took place in the 1920s including the Ku Klux Klan and other political cases. .
             This will include my personal opinion about various areas concerning my points of view and how people at that moment of time reacted towards different situations they were going through.
             The open discussion in this topic is "Did 1920s America become less tolerant?" .
             America was an ideal breeding ground for capitalism, a relatively "new country", in need of young entrepreneurs to kick-start it's already buoyant economy. The country was an ideal place to get rich quick, an idea that inspired the immigrants that poured in to it each year. In America it seemed you could turn your rags in to riches in no time at all. It's this idea that fuelled the "American Dream.".
             As well as being the place to make a fortune, America also signalled freedom from persecution in whatever form it came in. People facing religious or political persecution or just plain poverty came to America to alleviate themselves from negative aspects of life. This was an important part of the "American dream" as it made many immigrants cross the seas to seek this liberty.
             However, was this a fresh start to all immigrants?.
             It would seem that the whole concept of an American dream could have worked if the country had taken their time and realised that there was no rush. Ofcourse, all these problems came from the idea of an American dream and people being only human, are selfish and want to have more money, and more money is what is offered in a system of capitalism.

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