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plotinus and plato

             Plotinus and Plato were two great philosophers during their times. The two philosophers influenced their world greatly. Their philosophy is very similar but sometimes different.
             Plotinus based his philosophy on Plato's ideas. He was a mystic who had experienced the union of God or the "cosmic spirit". He realized a mystical union with God. People loved him and appreciated him. He wrote many books like Plato. Both Plotinus and Plato believed that the soul did not depend on the material body for its experience. .
             Plotinus believed that the universe was a living structure that proceeds forever from its source in the One. This god (the One) he believed forms the Pure Thought, which eventually forms heavenly materials that form the world soul. He also believed that a human's soul is supposed to unite with God so it could be satisfied. The One, which Plotinus called God, forms the universe and everything around it. Plotinus realized that evil was an absent of light. Unlike Plato, he realized the difference between essense and distinction. .
             Plotinus agued that the One, doesn't contain any differences. We move around it. He believed that existence implies essence but is not equal to it. The One he believed was the foundation of essense and existence. He said that the One produces all things but its not all things. The One is the source of all things. .
             Plotinus believed that Nous, pure thought and mind, was the first emanation from the One. It is the basic of thought. Nous is rational. It generates the world soul. He believed that the world soul had two characteristics. It uses the Divine Mind to consider the Forms. It also provides a principle to everything. The world soul bridges spirit and matter. .
             Plotinus concentrated most of his philosophy on "the One" (god). However, Plato"s philosophy was mostly based on the soul. Unlike Plato, Plotinus talked a lot about evil.

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