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Armageddon Summer

             Marina and Jed were two strangers who were dragged to the mountain retreat on mount Weeupcut. They were mere teenagers who were faced with an extraordinary task. They had to watch out for not only themselves but also their parents.
             Marina was only thirteen years old. She had dark brown hair. Some might have called her a kind of plain girl. But she was fascinated with the poetry of Emily Dickinson. She was a thoughtful person. She might have been only a teenager, but she had the capabilities to be not only a mother to her younger siblings, but a friend and a loving sister as well.
             Jed was sixteen and a very cautious person. He kept to himself because he didn't trust the people on the mountain. To him, they were "Nut Balls," He would soon find out that the people who he did trust were the right ones in the beginning. They were the ones who came to his rescue. The so-called "Believers" didn't care about anyone but themselves. .
             The world was supposedly going to come to an end on July 27 - Marina's birthday. The only people who were going to live through this were the people who went to Mount Weeupcut. These people were called the "Believers." They were supposed to be the chosen ones, but only one hundred forty four people would be allowed on the mountain.
             They went to this mountain thinking that they were the only people who were going to survive, so they brought all they would need to live there for there time on the mountain. To earn your keep you had to work and help with all your skills. There were certain things they had to do. Some worked, some cleaned, and others were servants for anyone who needed them. .
             p. 2.
             In the last week of the Armageddon many people who weren't the so-called "believer" but were scared that they might die were all trying to get in to this camp of people who were going to survive But couldn't so they sat out side of the camp. Waiting till the time was right when they would come in and take over.

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