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            In this research paper I plan to discuss the elements of nonverbal communication and how they affect the way we perceive others. But as the process of communication is a cycle with various interdependent stages, I will also explain theories on verbal communication and perception, in order to better illustrate the previous concept.
             Perception is a unique notion of itself and takes place within the realm of language. It is a process by which we interpret and organize various sensations we take in to produce meaningful experiences of the world. What I mean by "sensation- of course, is anything received or inspired by the various stimuli that surrounds us either by touch, taste, smell, hearing or seeing. Perception is how we label this interaction with stimuli and form our ultimate understating of the world around us. Thus the two work hand in hand to allow us to create and develop meaning, and are part of one continuous process. This process allows us to recognize objects, events, people, and situations. Without it, life would simply be a meaningless collage of shapes, sounds and colors.
             The process of communication is the organization we apply to such stimuli, and how we put them into meaningful cognitive messages or experiences that involve our process of thinking, knowing, and/or remembering. With this we are able to retain knowledge, which is the backbone of perception. Without it, we would not be able to make sense of the signals we take in. A perfect example would be the physical appearance of the text printed on this paper. One without perception would see this as a mixed jumble of shapes. However, if one possessed the capabilities required to read the text, it's only through the knowledge and experience that one will be able to understand its meaning. Just as a person who understands only the English language would see the Japanese language as a mismatch of meaningless shapes.

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