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            Attitudes on Alternatives to Incarceration.
             What other possibilities do you have except probation and parole? Those who want fewer taxes going toward prisons need to understand that might come with criminals getting a lesser punishment than other might. Then I ask, is parole and probation less punishment than being incarcerated? .
             According to Roberts's statistics, the public has a positive outlook on probation and parole. The media has portrayed the U.S. citizens to be crybabies when we put money into rehabilitation or just putting a person on probation. What else can we do except to make the criminal pay at his expense, and pay for their rehabilitation at their expense. The biggest impediments on alternatives to incarceration are expense and time. Probation seems to be less expensive than to incarcerate, but is the outcome of the criminal going to be the same. .
             I think the public views that we are not hard enough on criminals. If it's a first time or second time offender, I think the public sees the sentencing to easy. On the other hand, they don't want to see their tax money going to prisons or rehabilitation programs. They want to see their money going for education programs and better roads. Who could blame them for wanting their money to goto these places? As everybody knows, problems just don't go away. So that leaves a negotiation of tax money that politicians have to deal with. Then maybe sometimes people stop and think that alternatives to incarceration is cutting down on tax payers money, and the criminal isnt going to just get off with no punishment. This in turn soothes the majority. You can't make everybody happy about everything all the time, but you can pacify the majority for most of the time.

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