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Review of Polanski

             Shakespeare's original version of Macbeth is truly a classic piece of literature. This is why I feel that Polanski needed to do a good job in bringing Macbeth from a novel to a movie. While Polanski was creating this film, he had to produce something that was both interesting to watch and also followed the book. This in my opinion is a hard task to complete, but I feel that Polanski did a tremendous job. Not only did he follow the book almost exactly, but he also added some of his own creative thoughts and twists, which I believe is very important and in this case, very well done.
             Throughout the movie the camera angles were very important and relevant to what was going on to the people and in there surroundings. For instance in the beginning of the movie you do not see lady Macbeths head until she has finished reading the letter. This is because she isn't really that involved until she reads the letter. After reading it, she turns around and the viewers are exposed to the Lady Macbeth relevant to the story. The Lady Macbeth we are exposed to is the one that gives her husband a plan and helps him to see it through; all in order to become king of Scotland. Another example of camera angles being used is at the end of the movie when Macbeths head is on the pole. In this scene, Polanski actually takes you into the head of Macbeth and shows you exactly what Macbeth would have been seeing, if he had been alive. I feel that this was well done and in my opinion one the one best uses of camera angles.
             The lighting wasn't that noticeable only because a good portion of the film took place outside. Generally, when it was supposed to be day time it was light, and when it was to be night it was dark. I had no trouble in seeing anything that was going on, so I feel that they couldn't really have done anything different to the lighting. .
             When I heard we were going to watch the movie after reading the book, I couldn't help but to wonder what Polanski would do about the dagger scene.

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