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drunk driving

             There are many organizations that are against drunk driving, such as NCADD, (National commission against drunk driving.) M.A.D.D,( mothers against drunk driving.) S.A.D.D,( students against drunk driving.) All these groups were made to lower the amount of People Drinking and Driving. .
             In today's society Teenagers experiment with alcohol, Also its around the age when you get your license and, You get that small amount of freedom. Teenagers would rater take the chance of driving home and getting into an accident or getting into trouble with the law then just Calling there parents and saying "Mom or Dad I have been drinking can you please come pick me up or can I spend the night?" SADD made a pledge sheet saying that a teenager would promise they wouldn't get behind the wheel if they have been drinking and that the parents would have to either promise to come pick them up or pay for a taxi or let them spend the night.
             In 1982 there were 5,380 deaths among teens from the age of 15-20 that were alcohol related, while there 3,128 deaths non-alcohol related. In 1998 there were 2,210 deaths among 15-20 year olds alcohol related, while there were 3,950 deaths caused from non-alcohol related. From this information you can see that over the years deaths from drunk driving have gone down, With all these organizations it is helping minimize the amount of teens and adults drinking and driving. Eight young people die every day from alcohol related crashes. .
             In 12oz. Of beer it has 5% alcohol. In 5oz. Of wine it has 12% alcohol, and in 1.5 oz. Of liquor there is 40% alcohol.
             It is said that many people do not show the affects of intoxication until they have a BAC (Blood alchol content) of .02. Just because you feel like you are okay to drive it does not mean that you can legally. .
             In the 1970's teens didn't understand why they could go to war and fight for there country but they were still treated like children, so the voting age was lowered to 18.

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