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Chemical Agents

             The future of warfare has been changed by the history of chemical agents, and how they effect everyday life. The people I am going to tell you about didn't get any warning at all they just were swallowed up by the governments lack of consciousness of what was happening in one of there very own chemical plants. "It all took place in a city called Bhopal India, On night of December 2, 1984."(Unknown rand.org) The agent was known as "methylisocyanate"(Unknown Rand.org) (MIC) it is used for insecticides to spray on crops and other orchards where it is needed. To keep plants from being infected with pests. MIC was mass-produced in very large tanks where it was also stored in the same factory. "The tanks that they were storing them in were very large and old so they didn't keep them up to date and they were hardly maintained."(Unknown Rand.org) So because of error on their part this eventually led to a factory melt down that would revolutionize the way chemicals were being stored and handled. The cause of this accident is not quite certain. "All that could be gathered was that some water had gotten into the seals around the valves around and leading into the tanks."(Unknown rand.org) Which caused them to swell and put a lot of strain onto the pipes. Then the steam began to leak out creating more pressure. Eventually this would be enough to allow the tanks to burst. Causing an extremely large catastrophic event that would change history. This "Chemical Spill" could have been avoided. But because this plant was poorly maintained thousands of people suffered and died. "At least 500 civilians living in the city at the time were killed. Thousands were injured and in critical condition from breathing the harmful vapors released from this accident. Seven Hundred animals died also."(Unknown world book CD-ROM) This situation, I think could have definitely been avoided if the proper precautions would have been taken.

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