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             In Carlos Fuentes' Aura, there is a strong relationship between reason and truth. Aura is a compelling story of Consuelo and her niece Aura, whom live off of each other. The theme is behind the whole book is set around Aura and the relationship she has with Consuelo. Carlos Fuentes uses the two, the young and the old, to a philosophical which he himself believes in. Fuentes, along with Octavio Paz, believes that the human's life revolves in a circle. We live to die and die to live, which is a strong indication that they believe in reincarnation, a belief that is shown in the novelette, Aura. In this novelette, Carlos Fuentes brings about strong conflict between the past and the present with much regard to the future. The novelette is set around a very psychological setting; there are many symbols and coincidences that would explain what the book is all about. It's all up to the reader to interpret what they see with all the symbols. There is no one set idea but many that are entwined into one great novelette. .
             This text analysis will be based around the idea of reincarnation. This paper will focus on the correlation between Aura and Consuelo, the symbols behind reincarnation, and the reasons behind the reincarnation. Reincarnation is strongly represented in many of the descriptions by Carlos Fuentes and there are many references to the fact that there is some kind of magic used by Consuelo. This will all be discussed in this paper, along with the other factors that played into the accusation that reincarnation really exists to the human eye and to the reader.
             Once the novelette starts there is some confusion in the manner to read it with the view being from the third person. This makes the whole novel just that much more personal to the reader and enhances the experiences of the antagonist, Felipe Montero. As Felipe is brought into the life of Aura and Consuelo there are some signs of change and growth from the protagonist, Consuelo.

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