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Centrino: Wireless Internet and Networking Technology

            Centrino: Wireless Internet and Networking Technology.
             Specific Purpose: This speech is focused on informing individuals about Centrino wireless technology.
             Thesis: Centrino technology will revolutionize Internet and networking capabilities by creating a new-aged working environment.
             I. Introduction.
             a) Wireless technology has been all around us for many years.
             i) Cellular phones are capable of Internet browsing, and that same technology is helping make wireless computing possible.
             b) Centrino uses the latest technological innovations to unplug society from their Internet prisons and allow people to browse the world on their laptop as they"re traveling the world.
             II. Over-the-air interface and better hardware makes Centrino technology work.
             a) 802.11 specify an air-wave connection between a wireless client and a base station or between two wireless clients.
             b) 802.11 refer simply as wireless networking that is developed for wireless LAN technology.
             i) LAN (local area network) is a computer network that spans a relatively small area.
             ii) LANs provide wider access to remote facilities and/or laptop networks.
             iii) An example of LANs could be Ethernets and company extranets and intranets.
             c) Wi-Fi (short for wireless fidelity) is a transmitter module that basically .
             allows a connection to the 802.11 network.
             i) It is how Centrino uses cellular and/or radio signals to enable wireless capabilities.
             ii) Basically just think of cellular towers that us to use cell-phones, Wi-Fi is the technology that allows wireless web-browsing and networking.
             iii) Centrino stocked laptops includes Wi-Fi radio hardware.
             d) The Pentium-M microprocessor will be the heart of Centrino.
             i) The Pentium-M chip will save time and energy for notebooks equipped with Centrino.
             ii) Anand Chandrasekher, general manager of Intel's mobile product division, likened the process to a bunch of people at the airport sharing a cab, rather than taking separate taxis.

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