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komodos attack

            Komodo's are very good hunters, their hunting strategies are based on strength and power. Speed also plays an important role in the komodo's hunting. Tourist who came to see the Komodo dragons at Komodo Island says that "the quick movement from their feet sounds almost like a machine gun". The Komodo dragons can run as fast as 11mph or 18kph. They are also very good tree climbers. When walking Komodo's tends to swing its head from side to side so that it can smell prey that was within the area. Not only can a Komodo run fast but they can also see up to 300 meters away. A komodo can also taste airborne molecules from the prey with its long yellow forked tongue. One side of the Komodo's tongue will go up indicating what side it senses the prey to be on. Whenever there is prey within one meter away, the komodo makes it presence known by warning the prey its about to encounter a dragon.
             Attack of the Komodo.
             When a Komodo attacks its victim it attacks at the feet first, knocking the prey off its balance so it will be easier for it to go down. For smaller prey the Komodo goes straight for the neck. The Komodo's basic strategy is very simple: try to smash the prey to the ground and tear it into pieces. If the prey fails to escape immediately, the komodo will continue to rip it into shreds. Once the Komodo believe its prey is incapacitated, the dragon may take a brief rest. The prey is now badly injured and is left laying there in shock. The Komodo all of a sudden launches the coup de grace, which is basically a belly attack. The prey quickly bleeds to death and then the komodo begins to feed. .
             Deadly Weapons.
             The komodo's razor sharp teeth are its most dangerous weapon; it can tear off a piece of flesh in one small bite. Any teeth that are lost by the Komodo will return growth though out the Komodo's life. The teeth and the muscles of a komodo's jaws allow it to easily saw through meat and to swallow in huge chunks.

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